Exhibition for events, installation and

entertainment technology

15 to 17 january 2024

About CUE

CUE2024, from January 15 to 17 in Rotterdam Ahoy. At this biannual exhibition for event, installation and entertainment technology, exhibitors present a wide range of technical facilities for indoor and outdoor stages.

In 1987 the Foundation for the Theatre Technology Exhibition was established. It was an initiative of a number of suppliers from the theatre industry. The aim was to set up a professional non-profit exhibition for technicians. Even during CUE2024 this principle still remains central.

The board consists of:

- Enrico Daamen, chairman 
- Eric Mattijsen, treasurer
- Louis Janssen, secretary 

- Marjon Franken, board member
- Marina Prak, board member
- Nina Brackman, board member

Arts budgets are under pressure in the Netherlands. Dance and theatre companies, orchestras and museums are all forced to make heavy spending cuts, production companies are calling it quits and theatres need to deal with dramatically reduced funding. To weather this storm, creativity has become more important than ever and this also applies to technical facilities. The Netherlands has built up an international reputation for its quality stagecraft. CUE2024 is the premier watering hole for members of the industry to exchange knowledge and experience, enabling them to maintain the high level of their joint expertise.

For three days Rotterdam Ahoy is the professional platform for exhibitors presenting their products and services in the field of events, installations and entertainment. At CUE tried and tested technology and innovative multimedia solutions go hand in hand. People attend CUE to stay up to date on the latest technical developments, to maintain their existing professional network or to explore new contacts and investment opportunities.