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VPT Innovation Prize

VPT Innovation Prize

The VPT encourages and honours innovation with the VPT Innovation Prize. By doing so, the VPT gives the sector an incentive to expand its innovative power. The prize will be presented during CUE2020.

For who

Everyone who is involved or feels involved with innovative technology and processes can join the competition. This also includes companies and people who are not members of the VPT, but who want to make an important innovative contribution to the VPT's work area.


The prize will be awarded by a professional jury and consists of an article in Zichtlijnen, an article on the website, in the newsletter and social media channel and a cash amount of € 2,500,-.


Have you come up with a fresh look at a fantastic, feasible, applicable innovation with clear added value for our industry, then register no later than 30 November 2019 by sending an email to info@vpt.nl