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entertainment technology

CUE expands with CUE Experience

CUE, the biennial exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology in Rotterdam Ahoy, will be even bigger in 2020! At CUE Experience, visitors can see, hear and feel what innovative technology the exhibitors have to offer. Two board members of the exhibition explain why they make this bold move.

The originally different markets for theatre technology, pop stages, concert halls, festivals, broadcasting, but also amusement parks and even museums are increasingly converging. And  that’s exactly the markets that CUE wants to reach. The three day exhibition for event, installation and entertainment technology, also has ambitious growth objectives. "Where it was originally an exhibhition for theatre technology, we have a much wider scope now. That was the most important reason to change the name to CUE a few years ago”, explains chairman of the CUE-board Enrico Daamen. "But that change also means that you have to attract a much more diverse audience”, adds fellow board member Marjon Franken. Evaluation of the last edition of CUE in 2018 proved that a part of the exhibitors felt the need to let the visitors experience more. Franken: "At CUE there are many suppliers of light and sound installations and special effects who want to show visitors what their products can do. Until now CUE was mostly a network event. You don't want neighbours on the exhibition floor to bother each other.Therefore we are adding an extra hall upcoming edition: CUE Experience. At CUE Experience, exhibitors can -under certain conditions- do what they want.”


Better product experience

If it's up to Daamen and Franken, CUE Experience becomes a place where exhibitors can unpack considerably with demonstrations for an even better product experience. Daamen: "Exhibitors can show visitorssound installations, luminaires, lasers, smoke machines and possibly confetti cannons.” Franken: "It has to become a trueexperience. Because that is what our branch has to offer as no other: an experience. Moreover, the advantage of the new approach is that companies that have so far ignored CUE now think 'hey, I need to be there.”

Franken expects exhibitors to use their stand space even more creatively at CUE Experience. "It is a creative sector and we really challenge them to make something special out of it. A lot is possible, think of stages, fog screens, smoke projections, maybe even 360-degree projections in a dome or VR-demo’s. I am convinced that CUE Experience makes the exhibition even more complete. It will really be an experience for the visitor! This also makes it interesting for sectors that we did not give attention in the past.”

Daamen is not afraid that hall 2 will turn into a chaos of flickering lights, flashing lasers, confetti storms, fog patches and loud noise. "Depending on which parties purchase space in Hall 2, we will determine what is and what isn’t possible. We will certainly push boundaries but of course in consultation with everyone involved. If necessary we will work with time-slots where various exhibitors can demonstrate their sound equipment. But that depends on what the exhibitors want. We have good faith that we will figure everything out, because people havebeen working together in good harmony for years. This is also apparent, for example, from the fact that until now we have always broken down the exhibit together. A finishing day never had to be organized."


Praising reactions

Under the exhibitors who were present on earlier editions of CUE the reactions about the new initiative were great.

Johan Gunsing, Area Manager of the Adam Hall Group, says: "The mission of the Adam Hall Group is to make the world more friendly. To achieve this, we create innovative, user-friendly and performance-oriented solutions for event technology that allow more people to express their ideas and emotions in a tonal and visual way and to share unforgettable moments with each other. We see CUE as a professional platform for networking with existing and new contacts. But it is also the perfect place to show our products and create emotions unforgettable moments. CUE Experience is a fantastic expansion of CUE.”

And Bob Offenbach, CEO of Main Gear Supply says: "EXPERIENCE, that is what the  client wants. That is why we are excited that the organisation of CUE responds to this with CUE Experience. In this new hall we want to introduce our customers to the motto of the Bolution Group: Creator of Experience!”


Attractive knowledge program

In addition to the CUE Experience in hall 2 of Rotterdam Ahoy, more attention will be paid to the knowledge program around the exhibition during the 2020 edition. Daamen: "The Vereniging voor Podiumtechnologie (VPT) will organise inspiring readings, competitions and workshops for students in the conference rooms of Ahoy in 2020. By doing so we also hope to attract schools and smaller players such as self-employed." Franken adds: "Readings have always been important, but  we want to make the knowledge program more attractive for a wider audience. The network function of the exhibition will continue to exist, but more will happen around it in 2020. With these additions, CUE becomes a much more complete exhibition. For example, I also warmly invite museums to visit CUE in Ahoy. Because the overlap in various branches such as events, theatres, museums, schools and festivals is increasing, wcan learn a lot from each other.”

According to Daamen CUE kills two birds with one stone. "We are broadening the base in order to become more attractive to more visitors, without prejudice to the success of the past 25 years.”

Both CUE board members think that there is still enough room to grow. Franken: "There are no other comparable exhibitions. There is nothing in Belgium anymore and ISE is leaving for Barcelona after 2020. I think we are an attractive alternative for the entire Benelux.”


CUE2020 will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy from 13 to 15 January 2020. This biennial exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology offered a comprehensive overview of the latest technical facilities for indoor and outdoor stage presentations. CUE is the premier event for technicians in the events and performing arts sectors to catch up and discuss new projects.