Exhibition for events, installation and

entertainment technology

AV & Entertainment official videopartner of CUE2020

Visitors of CUE can attend live talk shows about various subjects in the AV & Entertainment studio four times a day at CUE Experience in 2020. The talkshow will offer a stage to various organisations and speakers. AV & Entertainment works closely together with Dutch Multicam and Curio.

René Janssen from AV & Entertainment about the collaboration: "In addition to our magazine, we have also been publishing videos for years. With a nearly entirely Dutch exhibition floor, the fast-growing CUE is an ideal stage for further expansion. With AV & Entertainment TV, we will be streaming live from the CUE exhibition floor for three days and will be on top of all developments in the market with interviews, atmospheric reports and table discussions. ”

The board of CUE is also very excited about the collaboration, board member Marjon Franken: "CUE Experience has to become a real experience for visitors, because that is what our market has to offer. A live talkshow perfectly fits at CUE Experience"



CUE2020 will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy from 13 to 15 January 2020. This biennial exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology offered a comprehensive overview of the latest technical facilities for indoor and outdoor stage presentations. CUE is the premier event for technicians in the events and performing arts sectors to catch up and discuss new projects.